I’m here to make a real difference to your life.

How was your year? If you need a boost or help just getting through the next year….we may be able to help. If you have lost that fire you once had for the job….maybe we can help? If you forgot why you even started teaching…what can we do…

Dream Big


I believe in dreaming big


That a rising tide raises all ships


Together we are stronger


We are all in this together


Becoming an Effective and Impactful Educator
Author, Teacher, Public Speaker, Coach, Business

Ms. Johnson resonates from Dallas, Texas. She
received a Bachelor’s in Business Management in
2004. Naively believing this degree would propel her
into being a corporate trainer, she went another
direction into the field of education in 2005. She then
received her Master’s in Education and
Administration in 2006. She began her career
teaching fourth grade Math and Science and it seem
to “stick” to her and bring in a brand new focus for
her career choice. Ms. Johnson has a strong passion
for girls in STEM careers as she, herself, has been
teaching Math and Science for over eighteen years. “I
had a daughter that loved Math and my desire is to
inspire that passion into someone else’s daughter.”